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Like so many teachers, I was first drawn to this work so I could better understand myself. Throughout my life, I've struggled with the complexity of my own experience—I've clumsily tripped along a journey of highs and lows, light and dark as an entrepreneurial spirit. As I've traversed the polarity of my life and work—passion and obsession,  energy and exhaustion, open-mindedness and critical-mindedness, femininity and masculinity, and the like—I've come to learn that my struggles and strengths are born from the same wiring. I've realized that I cannot celebrate my gifts without acknowledging their concomitant liabilities.


Through my background in neuroscience, psychology, startups, venture capital, and mindfulness, I've come to understand that creators thrive when they can understand, accept, and care for their spectacular multitudes. The entrepreneurial spirit is wired for the extremes, and the journey of a creator is just as much about building a relationship with themselves as it is building their business. After all, creators are the conduit for creation; the integrity of a creation will inevitably reflect the integrity of its creator.

I believe we as creators do our best work when we use our whole selves to create. This requires us to balance our scales while honoring our unique mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual gifts. This is not a journey of fixing ourselves, but a journey of identifying our greatest potentialities and sharing them through the act of creation. This is not a journey of becoming more or less, but a journey of coming back to our most essential selves.


I offer a body of work that empowers creators to develop their capacity for self-study. Through the process of self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-care, we can become whole creators who know how to handle our spectacularly complex operating systems.

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  • Director of Innovation at the American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Expert in Residence at Georgetown University

  • Yoga, meditation & mindfulness practitioner


  • Neuroscience & Psychology Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Heath (NIH)

  • Director, NextGen Venture Partners

  • Early employee at IVY

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