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Creators are individuals of incredible inner complexity. This complexity is their gift, but is also a source of mental, emotional, physical distress.


Noun. A person that brings something into existence

Drawing upon psychology, neuroscience, genetics, and ancient wisdom traditions, I offer creators a pathway towards deeper self-understanding.

My Work

I offer a method of self-study for entrepreneurial spirits.

Entrepreneurial spirits create the next version of reality for all of us it is an economic and social imperative that they not only possess the tools to take care of their businesses, but themselves. 

Why Care

About Creators?

Creators are a precious natural resource.

A Few Places I've Spoken & Taught


"Like a Canterbury Tales of entrepreneurs, you will soon be walking your journey with fellow pilgrims, all real people themselves, including the author herself, who will show you that creativity and disorder go hand in hand, that your extraordinary gifts would not exist without their concomitant liabilities... With Jessica as our river guide, we are reminded that as we shape the outer world, we must remake our inner worlds as well, giving our minds, bodies, and spirits our full attention, and recognizing that it only when those worlds come into alignment that we can reimagine everything about who we are, and who we can be."

—  Andy Dunn, Co-Founder Bonobos

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