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The Work 


Creators are individuals of incredible inner complexity. This complexity is their gift, but is also a source of mental, emotional, physical distress.

Drawing upon psychology, neuroscience, genetics, and ancient wisdom traditions, I offer creators a pathway towards deeper self-understanding.

The Offerings 


I offer teaching, speaking, consulting, and coaching to guide individuals and organizations toward wholeness.

Work with Jessica to create programming that supports the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual well-being of your creators today.

The Why 


Creators are a precious natural resource — they create the reality we all live in.

By investing in the well-being of creators, we invest in the future of humanity. If we want to create a happy and healthy future, we must ensure the designers of that future are happy and healthy too.

The Book 


Jessica's celebrated book, Wired This Way, is available for pre-order soon!

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